My mum is 39 years of age, quite young for a mother of an 18 year old. A few months ago we took a trip to boots and she was horrified to see in the condom section there was a dildo. Still she is shocked by the fact that these “marital aids” are so openly available in shops that she looks at with a particular reputation.

As the youth of today, these kinds of objects are completely normal for me to see on sale. With shops like Victoria Secrets not being much of a secret, and an Ann summers on every other high street, these things are normal to me. I am used to having access to anything I want whenever I want it.

But my mother’s reaction has left me wondering, she is only two decades ahead of me and these things disgust her. Has the world gone sex crazy or should the older generation lighten up and take PC less seriously?

From my point of view, sexuality is something that people should be proud of, it is the most human of things we possess and it roots us back to the simplicity of humanity away from money and power. It is healthy and natural and people shouldn’t shy away from it. With links to the LGBT community, their sexuality is what makes them stand out and it is something that should be praised.

But is sex being shouted about too much? I don’t think sex should ever be the root of a problem, unless it involves minors. Shouting about sex is all well and good, but what about the people who don’t want to hear, or shouldn’t be exposed? Children should keep their innocence. When I was at school there was the odd rumour about some girl that had got herself pregnant at 13 and you would hear whispers around the playground about who’s done it first. But now I’ve left school I’m hearing things so much worse. Girls taking naked pictures at 12 sending them to every boy in the school, girls dropping out of school to actually have a baby at 13, then to have another 2 years later.

Even I had to admit, I was going into La Senza at 14 trying on bras, pretending I knew what sexy really meant. But there was a danger aspect to it; I knew that I shouldn’t be thinking about things like that. But with sex plastered all over the internet, sex shops put in between Primark and River Island at the shopping centres, who can really blame children for becoming so absorbed in sex. Sex needs to have a danger aspect to it again; it needs to be something that children grow to discover over time, not something that is just thrown in their faces.

So yes, I believe sex is wonderful thing, I think that “martial aids” and other sex related things should be readily available, but it needs its naughtiness back. There should be no shame surrounding it, but it should be something that people get excited for, not something that children want to get their hands on. There should be clusters of underwear shops and adult shops in shopping centres, not just spread out, to create a feeling of danger within children of getting caught. Sex has become too safe for the younger generation, my generation and below.